After a long process of looking for the very best Head of Schools (HOS) for our wonderful school system, we are pleased to announce to you that the CFCS Board has hired Dr. Rodney J. Marshall, effective July 1st. The process was thorough and complete, including input from the principals and head administrative staff at both school campuses. Dr. Marshall stood out as the best equipped to be our next Head of Schools and lead us in the direction of our founding vision and philosophy. He is very excited to become a member of a great team, and to pursue strategic goals for the growth of excellence in our school, leading faculty, staff, students and families.

In Him,

Becky LaMear

Chair, CFCS Governing Board

CFCS Governing Board:

Ed Biggers
Becky LaMear
Todd Vanden Branden
Allen Cooney
Merritt Cain
Liz Mehl
Atilla Vekony
Chris Graves
Dray Sterling
Kristin Vick



CFCSParentsAnnounceDr. Rodney J. Marshall has served as lead consultant to start, grow, manage and improve many schools in the United States and abroad. As Founder of Coram Deo Academy, he lead a team that grew this innovative classical school from zero to 1,100 students in eleven years while achieving regional accreditation.

As Director of Global Development for a Christian school curriculum publisher, Rodney persuasively addressed educators in England, Ireland, Russia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zambia, South Korea, Central and South America, Canada and the United States. His message has reached multitudes—some audiences of up to five thousand. In his time abroad, Rodney conferred with chief governmental and educational officials who were seeking to establish private and Christian education.

He has served as pastor and founded his first school in 1976. He has written and edited publications, such as newsletters, youth programs, high school and Bible college courses, and videos as well. Rodney contributes as a newspaper columnist and essayist for educational and theological periodicals in local and nationally circulated publications.

Rodney enjoys persuasive discourse on numerous and diverse subjects—education, liberty, vocational nobility, biblical worldview, executive leadership, history, entrepreneurship, economics, politics, theology, apologetics, and ornithology.

He is a member of the Society for Classical Learning, serves on the Advisory Board of Covenant Classical School, has been an inaugural fellow with the Arete Fellowship, associates with the Association of Classical and Christian Schools and the CiRCE Institute. Rodney has earned a B.A. in Business Administration, Master of Divinity, M.A., Philosophy and Religion, and a Doctor of Education.

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